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We value your privacy very much. Below you will find detailed information about the cookies we use on our site, as well as the tools and knowledge necessary to manage them. By continuing to use our site, you agree to us placing cookies on your computer (unless you have disabled cookies in your browser (see below)). You will not be able to shop on our site if you do not enable cookies on your computer. We are always improving and changing the methods we use cookies, and we will keep this page up to date with the cookies we currently use. Please also take a look at our Privacy Statement.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on the computer of an internet user. The information included in the cookie is placed by the server of a website and can be utilized by the user when the user visits the website.

Cookies are used to remember actions taken by an internet user on a website in the past, such as adding items to a shopping cart, logging in, or clicking on links.

Cookies aren’t harmful. They aren’t computer programs, and they can’t spread viruses.

Cookies are used in a variety of ways on our website, including:

  • Sign in / Sign up to our website.
  • Allow you to share pages with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, …
  • Make sure advertising on other websites is relevant to you

2. What types of cookies do we use

Session (or Transient) Cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are saved in the memory of your computer for the duration of your browsing session. They become unreachable after a period of inactivity, and when the browser is closed, they are automatically erased from your computer. They allow you to navigate from one page to the next without having to log in each time.

PHP (expires in 3 months)

Third-party cookies

Some cookies will be placed by third parties rather than by us when you visit this website. If you click on a third-party advertisement on the website (i.e., one that advertises a product that is not sold by us), that third party may place cookies on your device. These third parties have a business relationship with us, but we do not place cookies on their behalf. As a result, we recommend that you visit such third-party websites to learn more about the cookies they use and how to manage them.

Google Analytics

Google uses our website’s cookies to track how you navigate the site and how well it performs. This information allows us to improve your online experience by making changes to the website. Google’s cookies also assist us in determining the efficacy of marketing initiatives.

_ga (expires in 2 years)

_gat (expires in 2 years)

_gat_totalTracker (expires in 2 years

__utma (expires in 730 days)

__utmc (Date not set)

__utmv (expires in 182 days)

Google AdSense

These cookies are placed by Google on the website to track the efficacy of Google Adsense advertisements that show on the site.

__gads (expires in 2 years)

Find out more here: When you use Google partners’ websites or apps, you should be aware of how Google uses your data.


We using this sharing service for easy listings sharing.

__unam (expires in 8 months)

Sharing with social networks

These companies may place a cookie on your computer memory if you use the buttons that allow you to share products and content with your friends via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Here’s where you may learn more about them:

3. What happens if I opt-out of all cookies?

You will not be able to login in or sign up to our website if you have disabled all cookies set by Yalla Kuwait – Kuwait Local Guide Directory and affiliated websites. However, you will still be able to access our website.

You won’t be able to watch some of the videos on the Yalla Kuwait – Kuwait Local Guide Directory if you disable Flash cookies.

4. How do I opt-out of cookies?

The internet browser you use can help you manage the cookies you allow on your computer. You can also request to be notified if a cookie is given. The following are guidelines for managing cookies in the most major internet browsers:

Find out which internet browser you use

  1. On a PC: click on ‘Help’ at the top of your browser window and select ‘About’
  2. On an Apple Mac: click on the Apple menu and select ‘About’ (make sure the browser is open)

Opting out of cookies in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer allows you to select the level of cookie filter on the basis of the source of the cookie and whether the source has a privacy policy.

  • Choose ‘Tools’
  • Click on ‘Internet Options’
  • Click the ‘Privacy’ tab
  • Move the slider to choose your settings
  • For more detailed privacy settings click on ‘Advanced’
Opting out of cookies in Safari
  • Choose ‘Preferences’ from Safari menu
  • Select ‘Security’
  • Cookie settings are shown
  • Choose your settings
Opting out of cookies in Google Chrome

As a default, Google Chrome allows all cookies. You can manage the behavior of first-party and third-party cookies or even block them completely.

  • Click on the ‘Tools’ menu
  • Select ‘Options’
  • Click the ‘Under the Bonnet’ tab
  • Find the ‘Privacy’ section
  • Click ‘Content settings’
  • Click the ‘Cookie settings’ tab and choose your settings
Opting out of cookies in Mozilla Firefox

You can configure which sites are allowed to set cookies, how long to keep them for, and view and manage your existing cookies.

  • Click on ‘Menu’, then ‘Options’
  • Select ‘Privacy’
  • Select ‘Cookies’
  • Choose your settings

5. Further information about online privacy

You should also read our privacy statement, which explains how and when we use your personal information. You can also learn more about cookies by visiting the following websites:

This website contains information on how behavioral advertising works, as well as further information on cookies and the steps you can take to safeguard your online privacy.

A tutorial on how to delete and manage cookies in a variety of web browsers.